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How to upload Clip content to local storage / to your computer

You can also store the content of your Narrative Clip 1 or 2 to a computer via the Narrative Uploader! To download the Narrative Uploader, head to

For Windows, the icon is a red book found in the taskbar. While for Mac, it is an icon of a Clip.


Once you have downloaded the Uploader, you will need to open the Narrative Uploader's settings, and connect your Clip. To do this, open the software and click on "Settings." You may need to click on the software icon if the "Settings" option is not available. 

NOTE: Connecting your Clip will cause it to automatically upload its content. If you wish to store straight away to local storage, you will need to connect your Clip, change the Uploader's settings, disconnect your Clip, and then reconnect it. The Uploader will remember your settings for the next time that you use it.


Mac/Windows Uploader

To store content to local storage with the Uploader, ensure that the "Use Uploader" setting is set to "Desktop (Mac)/Desktop (Windows)" depending on the type of operating system you're using. 


You will also need to ensure that the "Local Storage" feature is enabled in the "Storage" setting of the Narrative Uploader, and you also need to make sure that the "Narrative Service" setting is disabled. 


My Clip isn't being detected by the Narrative Uploader

In the event of your Clip not being recognized by the Uploader, click here for the appropriate FAQ.

If you wish to upload content to the Narrative Service via your uploader, click here for the appropriate FAQ.

If you have any further questions regarding local storage, please contact


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