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Clip 2 LED Light Patterns

This FAQ lists the LED light patterns you may see while using your Clip 2. For any questions regarding LED light patterns, feel free to contact the Customer Care Team at


Bluetooth Pairing

When your Clip 2 is in pairing mode, and is ready to pair with your Smartphone, the below LED pattern will appear.

For any questions regarding this pattern, check out this FAQ.


Capturing Photo

If you have set your Clip 2 to capture a photo on double-tap, the below LED light pattern will appear when you double-tap it. For information on how to change your Clip 2's double-tap function, check out this FAQ.


Capturing Video

While your Clip 2 is recording video it will display the following LED light pattern. This pattern will continue until the recording has finished. For information on how to change your Clip 2's video settings, head to this FAQ.



Uploading Content

When your Clip 2 is connected to a power source and a Wi-Fi point, it will begin to upload its content to the Narrative Service. You can also use the Narrative Uploader to upload content straight to local storage. 



Updating Firmware

Firmware updates will be automatically downloaded to your Clip 2, improving the Clip 2 in either performance or functionality. The two central LED lights will illuminate when the Clip 2 is installing the firmware, and these will remain on until the Clip 2 has completed the installation process. For more information on updating Clip 2's firmware, see this FAQ.



Charging your Clip 2

When your Clip 2 is charging its battery, the LED lights will indicate its progress. When all of the LED lights have illuminated, your Clip 2 is fully charged.



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