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What has changed in the latest Clip 2 firmware update?

Narrative Clip 2 Change Log

Narrative frequently provides updates, improvements, new features and bug fixes to our Clips to provide you with the best user experience. So be sure to always update to the latest firmware for optimal performance. For instructions on updating your firmware, see "Updating Clip 2 firmware." 


Latest Firmware Version 1.5.6

Released 7th September 2016

- Bluetooth LE photo thumbnail transfer support
- Bluetooth LE non-bonded support
- Flash storage TRIM enabled for reducing file write times
- Optimized JPEG storage parameters
- Double/triple-tap slightly easier to trigger
- Various other fixes
- Better sleep performance for increased battery life
- Rotate images for local storage


Previous Firmware Releases


- Added wifi-based positioning assist

- Improved filtering of orientation-detection for timelapse orientation stability

- Fixed some storage-full situations that could potentially lock up both upload and firmware upgrade (requiring a factory reset to remedy)

- Various other bugfixes


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