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Which Narrative Clip do I have?

If you're unsure which Narrative Clip you own, the below information might help you out. It's useful to know which Clip you have, because the technical specifications are not the same. In addition to this, while you can connect the Clip 2 to your Smartphone App via Bluetooth, you cannot with the Clip 1.

The best way to tell which Clip you have is to place it down and take note of where the lens is located.

Where the mount is secured into the Clip is considered the top. With this in mind, the Narrative Clip 1 will have its lens located in the bottom-right corner, while the Narrative Clip 2 will have its lens in the top-right corner.



If you're activating a Clip 1 you can do so by heading to and installing the Narrative Uploader to a computer. If you're activating the Clip 2 we recommend downloading the Narrative Smartphone App via the App Store or through Google Play.


If you have any questions regarding more information about your Clip 2, please feel free to get in touch with


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