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How does the Narrative Subscription work?

Update on November 26th: We have not yet introduced a premium plan for Narrative subscriptions.

Narrative will introduce the concept of a free and premium plan for the Narrative Service. All existing Narrative users will be informed at least one month ahead before the implementation. Right now we can’t be specific on when the free and premium plan will be available because we are focusing on the launch of Clip 2.


Pricing for the free vs. premium plan

The Free plan is free. The Premium plan will cost $2 per month as introductory price. It is our intention that anyone who signs up for the $2 introductory price will stay on that price level for as long as they use the Premium plan, even if the pricing is higher later on.


Functionality included in the free vs. premium plan

The free and premium plan have the same functionality, including our apps for web, iPhone and Android. The only difference between the plans is the limit in storage. The Free plan you get storage up to 10 GB and the Premium plan gives you 1TB (these numbers might be subject to change but we want to be clear on our current plans).

The storage level for the Free plan is set to enable casual users to get the full Narrative experience for free while more advanced users will appreciate the possibility of storing more photos.


How long will the 10GB included in Free Plan last?

10GB will be enough for continued casual usage, meaning that the Clip is used a few times per month with photos stored in HD resolution. HD, being lower than max resolution but still more than enough for screen viewing.


What about the photos I already uploaded?

Photos uploaded before the Free and Premium plans are available will not impact your storage limit. You will have a full quota when signing up.


What tools will be available to manage storage volume?

There will be tools to adjust photo interval and resolution in order to decide how much storage volume Clip usage consumes. After upload it will be possible to export or delete photos in bulk, by time, quality or individually.


How do I sign up for the Premium Plan?

You can’t sign up for the Premium Plan yet, but once all functionality is in place you will be notified in advance, and then you can choose whether if it is the Free or Premium Plan that best suits your needs.


Why are you communicating this now and not when the two plans are available?

We believe that it is important to communicate our plans regarding the price model as thoroughly as possible.


I bought the Narrative Clip with a 12 or 3 months included subscription, how does the new Subscription Model impact me?

Regardless if you purchased a Clip with 3 or 12 months paid subscription included, the counting of your purchased Narrative Service months will start from the point in time we make the Free and Premium plans available, just remember that when you are notified that Premium is available you need to provide us with your credit card information.

This also applies to any additional months of Narrative Service provided on top of the original subscription months included with your Clip purchase.

What is included in the Narrative Service?

The Narrative Service is comprised of the mobile apps, web app, organization and storage of your Narrative Clip photos. The Free plan includes all of them, but the Premium plan includes more storage.


What happens when my included subscription has expired?

When your subscription expires you can choose which plan you would like to be on.


How can I extend my Narrative subscription?

For now all users are on the Premium Plan until we have a Free plan in place. When we are launching the Free and Premium plans we will provide more details on the specifics of how to manage subscriptions.


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    Mike Devonport

    How long until you plan to introduce this service?

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    Hi Mike,

    I apologise in the delay of my response. It appears we had an issue with our forums, however this has now been resolved.

    We don't have a specific date for the release of the subscription service yet, but we will keep you posted once we do.

    Have a great day.

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