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Why is my upload speed slow?

Uploading from your Clip 2

Your Clip 2 will be slightly slower to upload content when compared to the desktop version of the Narrative Uploader. If the upload speed is considerably slow on the Clip 2, please check if there is a lot of traffic on the router. Are lots of people using the same Wi-Fi point? This may be causing a slow upload speed. 

If you'd like to upload at faster speeds, we recommend using the Narrative Uploader on a computer instead. You can download the Narrative Uploader from


Uploading from the Narrative Uploader

If you're experiencing slow upload speeds on the Narrative Uploader, please try to quit and restart the Narrative Uploader. You will not lose your photos by doing this, as the photos are temporarily stored on your computer until they are uploaded.

In the event that you continuously experience slow upload speeds, please check if there is a lot of traffic on the router. This may be affecting your upload speed.

As a final step you can also uninstall and reinstall the Narrative Uploader from

For further questions regarding upload speed, feel free to contact the Customer Care Team at


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