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Can I connect my Clip 2 to a hotspot?

You can also connect your Clip 2 to your Smartphone's hotspot.

Connecting your Clip 2 to a hotspot will enable you to upload content wherever you are, providing that your Clip 2 is connected to a power outlet (such as a USB port, wall plug, or a portable battery). 


My Clip 2 isn't connecting to a hotspot

Some phones don't allow devices to connect to its hotspot once you leave the hotspot settings window. If you wish to change the Clip 2's settings via the Smartphone App, you will need to leave the settings window. If you're unable to connect to a hotspot for this reason please try the below method:

1. Set up the hotspot on your phone. Do not leave the hotspot settings.

2. Connect another device to the hotspot, such as a laptop or computer.

3. Connect your Clip 2 via USB to the device that's connected via hotspot (such as the laptop or computer).

4. Enter the Narrative Smartphone App, and go into your Clip 2's Wi-Fi settings.

5. The hotspot connection should have now appeared in your Clip 2's Wi-Fi settings. If not, please close and re-open the Narrative Smartphone App.


Once you sign into any Wi-Fi connection (including hotspots), the Clip 2 will remember the settings. So if you're going to use the same hotspot repetitively, you will only need to follow the above instructions once.

For more information on how to upload Clip 2 content, please head to this FAQ.

If you experience any issues with setting up a hotspot, or would like to ask any further questions, please contact the Customer Care Team at

Please note that uploading photos and videos can take up a lot of data usage, so you should be sure of your phone's restrictions before you upload via hotspot.


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