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How to save battery on your Clip 2

If your Clip 2 is facing down it will consume less battery power. Please ensure that you have the latest firmware version if there isn't a significant change in battery life when doing this.

Adjusting your Clip 2 settings can also help to preserve your Clip 2's battery for longer.

While there isn't essentially a way to turn your Clip off, you can set your Clip 2 to do less or not capture content - which in turn saves battery power.

If your Clip 2 isn't being used, set the "Double Tap" setting to "Disabled" and the "Automatic Photo Interval" to "Disabled" as well. This will use the least amount of battery on your Clip 2.

For any further questions regarding saving your battery power, please contact the Customer Care Team at


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    I can'set disabili in automatic photo interval. I only can select interval from 10s to 120. Battery go to Low after few hours when i don't my Clip 2

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    Hi Nicola,

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    You should be able to set your Clip 2's photo interval to "Disabled" in the Smartphone App. If you're unable to, please contact us at with details on exactly what happens when you try to disable it. Is the "Disabled" text not showing, or is it not responding?

    Please note that if you're using an Android phone, this feature is not currently implemented. We are hoping to address this in a future update.

    Have a great day, Nicola.

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