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Changing your Clip 2's photo and video settings

Using Bluetooth you can change your Clip 2's settings via your Smartphone. To adjust your Clip 2's settings, ensure that your Smartphone's Bluetooth is turned on.

Your Clip 2 will need to have been paired with your Smartphone in order for you to change your Clip 2's settings. For information on how to pair your Clip 2 to Bluetooth, please click here.


Changing your Clip 2's settings via your Smartphone

To adjust your settings tap on the Clip icon in the top-right corner to access your "My Clip" view.



In your "My Clip" view, you'll find your "Clip Settings." Here you can change your Clip 2's photo interval and the function of double-tap.

You will also have an option called "Sound Notification." When your Clip 2 takes a video it will start and finish with a beep. Sound Notification is an option to toggle this sound on or off.



By selecting "Automatic Photo Interval" we can adjust the Clip 2's photo capture rate on the spot. From here, you can also set the interval to be "Disabled."


By selecting "Double Tap" we can change its function, from taking a photo to recording a video, or to only show the Clip 2's battery status.


If we select "Record a video" we can adjust the length of video that Clip 2 will record.

You can see confirmation of your selections on the "My Clip" view.

If you experience any issues changing your Clip 2's settings via a Smartphone, please check that your phone's Bluetooth is enabled. If this doesn't resolve the issue please close and re-open the Narrative Smartphone App. If you're still experiencing an issue with adjusting your settings, please contact


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