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I need help with my order

Most packages arrive by the estimated delivery date. If you do not receive your order by the estimated delivery date, please allow for an additional day or two for your order to be delivered. 

My tracking information is not showing up

If your order has just recently shipped, it may take 24-48 hours for your tracking information to provide shipping updates. Check back again after 24 hours, and it should be updated. 

My tracking number says my package has arrived /was delivered but I have not received it. 

Check with your household members, your neighbors, mailroom, front desk, or anybody who may have accepted your delivery for you. Occasionally the carrier may also leave your package on your front porch/door/hidden area if you are not around. 

If a delivery attempt has been made, you may also find an attempted delivery notice in your mailbox or on your order. You can follow the instructions on that notice to request re-delivery. 

I was notified by my customs that they require additional documents. 

Please contact us and we will help you get sorted out. 

I have a missing item in my package

We occasionally split orders into multiple shipments at no additional cost to you (especially if you order Clips of different colors), so that you can get your order in the fastest time possible. If your order is split into multiple shipments, you will receive different shipping confirmation emails with different tracking numbers. 

I spoke to my carrier and my package is lost on its way to me

Oh dear! Sometimes, your package is not lost but may be slightly delayed or sitting at your local hub. As such, the best thing to do first would be to contact your carrier with your tracking number and check if it is sitting un-delivered at your local hub. (It could be due to an undeliverable shipping address.) 

If it is determined as lost, please contact us with your order number and tracking information, and an explanation of your conversation with your carrier, for us to help you in the most effective way.




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