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Sharing Narrative Moments in the Smartphone App

How do I share Moments in the Smartphone App?

It's now easier than ever to share your favorite Moments! Based on your feedback we've made some key changes to the ways you can share photos. The Smartphone App can share to a variety of services including to the Narrative Explore Feed, Facebook, and Twitter.

To start sharing, choose your Moment and tap on the "Share Icon" (circled in red).


Sharing Your Moment

Tapping on this icon will bring you to a new page. Here you can add a caption to your Moment and choose where you want to share it to. 

You can share your Moment to Narrative Explore by tapping "Share to Explore" for other Narrative users around the world to see. You can also share a link to your Moments by tapping "Share Link." Through this you can share to numerous social media applications or email it to friends or family.


Your Shared Narrative Moment

Going to the link will bring you to the Narrative App page, where the user can browse through your Moment by swiping from left to right. 



If you experience any issues sharing your Moments you can contact the Customer Care Team at Enjoy sharing!


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