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My Wi-Fi / router is not appearing in the Smartphone App

If your desired Wi-Fi point / router is not appearing in the Smartphone App, please find some possible solutions below.


Is your Wi-Fi in the same location as you?

Whenever you use a new Wi-Fi point and wish to upload, you will need to add it to the settings of your Narrative Clip 2. This is just like when you need to change your Wi-Fi settings on your Smartphone when you change location. 

Please ensure that you are in the same location as the Wi-Fi point you are trying to connect to.

The Narrative Clip 2 will remember previously entered Wi-Fi points.


Restarting your router

In the event that other devices can't detect your Wi-Fi point, please restart your router and wait for 5 minutes. Can your Clip 2 detect the Wi-Fi point now?


Is your Wi-Fi hidden?

The router you're trying to connect to may have a setting which makes it hidden to new devices. To determine this please try to connect to your Wi-Fi with another device. Does your Wi-Fi point show on the other device?

You can also choose to forget Wi-Fi points on Smartphones if you have no other devices to check this with. After forgetting the Wi-Fi point are you able to see the same one? If not, your router is hidden and you will have to adjust your router's settings. For more information on how to do this you can contact your Internet Service Provider.


Changing the router's Wi-Fi channel

There also may be an issue with the selected "channel" on your router. In order to check, you will need to access your router and ensure that its channel is not set to 12 or 13. Since routers can vary in their interfaces, your Internet Service Provider should be able to help you adjust the settings of your router if you need assistance.


Does your router support the Clip 2?

The Clip 2 supports WPA and WPA2 routers. If you have an alternative router, please contact


For more information on uploading content from the Clip 2, please head to this FAQ.


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