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Updating Clip 2 firmware

The latest firmware update for Clip 2 is v1.5.6, updated on September 7th 2016. To see what has changed please see this FAQ.

The Clip 2's firmware should update automatically, so you don't need to manually install it.

How to update 

Just make sure that your Clip 2 has at least 75% of charged battery, is connected to a Wi-Fi point, and is connected to a power source. You may need to wait for all of your existing content to upload too. Plug your Clip 2 in for 30 minutes. 

The Clip 2 will download the latest firmware version automatically, and when disconnected it will install it.

When the Clip 2 is installing a firmware update, the second and third LED lights will turn on, and once the update is complete the LED lights will return to normal and you will be able to use your Clip. The update shouldn't take longer than thirty minutes.

You can see your Clip 2's firmware version by heading to the "My Clip" view on the Smartphone App. The installed firmware version is under "Device Info" > "Clip Software." When checking please ensure that your Clip 2 has enough battery and that Bluetooth is enabled on your Smartphone.


My Clip 2 isn't updating

If the firmware on your Clip 2 isn't updating, please follow these steps.

1. Ensure that all content has been uploaded from the Clip 2. You can also use the Narrative Uploader from to upload your content.

2. Wait 30 minutes before disconnecting your Clip 2 from a power source.

3. After disconnecting your Clip 2 from a power source, wait 20 minutes. Has the firmware updated now?

4. If the firmware has not updated, factory reset your Clip 2 via the Narrative Uploader. To do this, open the Narrative Uploader with your Clip 2 connected. In the Uploader, go to "Settings" > "Diagnostics" > "Clip Actions" > "Factory Reset."  A factory reset will delete all content not uploaded. If you're unable to pair your Clip 2 after a factory reset, please refer to this FAQ.

If the firmware hasn't installed after completing the above steps, please contact



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    George Dick

    I have the beta5 firmware on my unit now but I have no clue what I had yesterday and earlier. Is this the firmware that's intended to improve the battery charge retention? It's too early to be really certain but it appears to me that, starting last night, my charge retention has improved dramatically.

    Of course, this improvement could be somehow related to the rather confusing issue that I had yesterday daytime (documented separately via email to you).

    Edited by George Dick
  • Avatar

    Hi George,

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    The firmware version you installed was the latest version, and it should have improved your battery life. It's great to hear that it has. :)

    We'll also be releasing future firmware updates to improve both battery life and other features.

    Have a great day, George.

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