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My Clip 2 isn't recognized by my Smartphone

Your Smartphone should detect the Clip 2 via Bluetooth, but in the event of it not being recognized please disconnect and reconnect your Clip to its power source. If this doesn't help to resolve the issue please take note of the below information.


Getting Started with the Clip 2

If you are using your Clip 2 for the first time, please ensure that your Clip 2 is connected to a power source and that your Bluetooth has been turned on. Here's an FAQ that will help get you started with your Clip 2 for the first time.


Is Bluetooth turned on?

In order for your Clip 2 to be detected, your Smartphone will need to have Bluetooth turned on. To turn your Bluetooth on you will need to go into your phone's settings. Please note that if your phone was manufactured before 2010 it may not have the required Bluetooth standard for the Clip 2. Here's an FAQ with steps on how to have a successful Bluetooth activation.



The Narrative Smartphone App

If your Smartphone is still unable to detect your Clip 2, please uninstall and reinstall the Narrative App on your Smartphone, and restart your phone. In the event of your Clip 2 still not being detected, head here to check if your Smartphone is supported.


If your Clip 2 is still not being detected by your Smartphone, please feel free to contact us at


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