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How to successfully pair Clip 2 via Bluetooth

Please note that the Bluetooth feature is only available with the Narrative Clip 2, and not the Narrative Clip 1. 

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In order to activate your Clip 2 you will need to pair it with the Smartphone App via Bluetooth. If you encounter any issues during this process, the below information may be of help.


Check Bluetooth is on

The Smartphone App will prompt you to turn on Bluetooth, but we recommended checking your Smartphone's settings to make sure that it's turned on there.

Note: Please ensure that the Clip 2 is close to the Smartphone during the pairing process.


Check Clip 2 is connected to power

The Clip 2 must be connected to power during activation, so that it pairs with the Smartphone. This can be via any power source (such as a computer, a USB plug, or a portable battery). When the LED lights blink as shown below, the Clip 2 is in pairing mode.

Note: If your Clip 2 still isn't connecting, we recommend disconnecting and reconnecting your Clip to a power source, and trying again.


Double-Tap your Clip 2

If your Clip 2 still isn't pairing, we recommend double-tapping it while it's connected to a power source. This will restart the pairing process. 


Forget Your Clip 2

In your Smartphone's Bluetooth settings, you should be able to remove Bluetooth-connected devices. Your Clip 2 should be on this list, and from here you will be able to "unpair" or "forget the device." Once you have forgotten the Clip 2, turn your Bluetooth off and on again, restart your phone, and then attempt to pair again. Your Clip 2 must be connected to a source of power and you may need to double-tap the Clip 2 to force it into pairing mode.


Factory Reset your Clip 2

If you have tried all of the above steps, you may need to factory reset your Clip 2. To do this, you can download the Narrative Uploader from You will then be able to upload content via the Mac or Windows Uploader and, once you have, you will need to Factory Reset the Clip 2 via the Uploader's settings. This will erase all existing data from the Clip 2.

To do this, open the Narrative Uploader and go to "Settings", "Diagnostics", "Clip Actions" and "Factory Reset."

Once you have done this, go through the above steps of forgetting your Clip 2 in your phone's Bluetooth settings, and double-tapping the Clip 2.


If your Clip 2 isn't connecting to your PC either, please try an alternative USB cable and another computer. In the event of this not being successful, please check that your Smartphone is compatible with the Clip 2.




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