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How to upload Clip 2 content

Using the Narrative Smartphone App, you can upload your Clip 2 photos and videos on the go using Wi-Fi.

Providing that you have paired your Clip 2 with your Smartphone, and ensured that the Clip 2 is connected to a surrounding Wi-Fi point, you can upload photos whenever the Clip 2 is connected to a power source (such as a laptop, wall socket or portable battery).

For information on how to set up your Clip 2's Wi-Fi, please click here for a detailed FAQ.

If you experience any difficulty setting up your Wi-Fi, please head to this FAQ.

You can also upload content by using the Narrative Uploader, which can be installed on both Mac and Windows computers.



Using your Smartphone as a Hotspot

Providing that you've set your Smartphone up to be a hotspot, you can also connect your Clip 2 to your phone's 3G or 4G connection through the Smartphone App. Your Clip 2 will need to be connected to a power outlet to start uploading photos, and please be aware that the upload may use a lot of your phone's data. 

Note: The Narrative Clip 2 might not upload when connected to Wi-Fi points that require you to create an account for access. This sometimes includes airports or hotel Wi-Fi.


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