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I can't activate my Clip 2 / My Clip 2 is not recognised by my computer

My Clip 2 is not recognised by my computer.

I plugged the Clip 2 using the USB cable, and it does not seem to be working.

I've attached the Clip 2 to my computer, but the Uploader continues to show me this message: ‘Please connect your Narrative Clip'

I am trying to activate and register my Clip 2 with the Uploader, and my computer is not registering/recognizing my Clip. 


If you are activating your Clip 2 for the first time:

Please try to activate your Clip via the Smartphone App as well. If you're still experiencing issues and/or are using a computer to activate your Clip 2, please ensure that you have a reliable internet connection.

Please also ensure that your network is not restricted by any proxies or firewalls. This could be a reason why your Clip is not recognized by your computer. 

Any other times:

If your Clip 2 is not being recognized please try these quick fixes:

  • Restart your Uploader
  • Use a different USB cable
  • Try it on a different network that is not blocked by any proxies or firewalls. 

If your Clip 2 is still not recognized after the 3 quick fixes above:

  • Please try to discharge the camera's battery by placing it face up, with no cable attached, for ten hours. Then try and connect it again. It should be detected by your computer. 

If there is still an issue please email us at with your account details, and we'll be happy to troubleshoot your issue for you. 


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