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The Highlight Function

The Narrative Smartphone App and Web App will automatically show you all of your photos within a Moment, but you can ask the Apps to only show what they consider the best photos to be. These photos are called "Highlights."


Using Highlights on the Smartphone App

Tap the thumbnail bar on your Smartphone at the top of the screen.

You'll be given the option to view your Highlights, your favorites, or all of your photos.




Using Highlights on the Web App

By entering the Moment on the Web App you can select what you'd like to view. You can choose to show all of your photos, just your favorites, or the highlights!



If you have any further questions regarding how the Highlight function works, please contact the Customer Care Team at


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    Glenn Kirkham

    The highlight is great. What would be infinitely better would be the ability to delete all photos that are not highlighted in a moment

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