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Setting up Bluetooth with the Narrative Clip 2

You can adjust the settings of your Clip 2 using your Smartphone's Bluetooth. To set up your Clip 2 please ensure that your Smartphone's Bluetooth is on, as you'll need this to continue. If at any point you experience an issue setting up your Clip 2's Bluetooth, please go to this FAQ.


Setting up Bluetooth

In the Smartphone App, tap on the Clip icon in the top-right corner to begin pairing your Clip with Bluetooth.


When opening this you will be prompted to plug your Clip 2 into an outlet or computer.  


When the Clip 2's LED lights blink the Clip is ready to be paired.

You will now need to pair your Clip. Tap on "Next" on the Smartphone App. 

Your Smartphone will then begin searching for your Narrative Clip 2. Pairing the devices should take less than a minute.

In the event of your Bluetooth not detecting the Clip 2, please ensure that the Clip 2 is connected to a power source. If it still doesn't connect, please disconnect and reconnect your Clip 2 from its power source.

If your Smartphone App still doesn't detect the Clip 2, connect the Clip 2 to power and double-tap it during the pairing phase. This should force the Clip 2 into pairing mode. As a last resort, go into your phone's Bluetooth settings and remove the Narrative Clip 2 device from there. Once complete go through the Smartphone App's activation process once again.

If you have multiple Clip 2s you will also need to select which Clip 2 you want to pair with. Once the Clip has paired you will also need to name it. 

Right now, it is only possible to pair one Clip 2 to your Smartphone at one time. We are looking into implementing the ability to connect multiple Clip 2s at once for the future.




After successfully pairing to Bluetooth, you will need to set up Wi-Fi access for the Clip 2. You will need to change the Wi-Fi settings whenever you want to upload in a new location. Just like your Smartphone's Wi-Fi settings need to change in new locations, your Clip 2 will have to as well.

For more information on setting up Wi-Fi, click here for an FAQ.


What can I do with Bluetooth enabled?

With Bluetooth enabled on your Smartphone, you can use the Smartphone App's "My Clip" view to adjust the settings of your Clip live and on the go. So if you're out in the park and want to, for instance, change your video length to 30 seconds, you can do so with a few taps on your phone!

In the "My Clip" view you can also adjust your photo interval settings, check your battery status, see how much storage your Clip has remaining, change the function of double-tap, and more - all by the power of Bluetooth and the Narrative Clip 2!



If you're experiencing an issue pairing your Clip 2 to Bluetooth, please go to this FAQ.

Note: If your phone was manufactured before 2010 it may not have the required Bluetooth standard for the Clip 2.


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