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Changing photo interval and enabling/disabling double-tap with Clip 1

You can change the interval at which your Clip 1 captures images, and enable or disable the double-tap feature!

You can change the photo capture interval or enable/disable the double-tap, by navigating to "Clip Settings" inside the "Settings" of the Narrative Uploader.

Under Clip Settings slide the blue bar left or right to the desired interval. To enable or disable the double-tap function, simply click the check box to do so.

To finalize any changes, click "Save Settings" and you're are all set! 

Once you’ve changed the interval it will be set to the new default, so remember to change it back to suit the occasion. A short interval might be useful for when you're out with friends, while longer intervals might be better for capturing time lapses. 


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    Patrick Shehane

    Is this functionality only available on Mac? I do not see the Setting on my Windows machine. Thanks. (And yes, my Clip has its firmware updated, and yes, I tried re-installing the Uploader app.)

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    Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    We are ensuring that there are no bugs with the Windows Uploader, and will be releasing it soon. I'll give you an update when I have more information. Sorry about any inconvenience, and thanks for your support.

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