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In what way does adding video and audio in Clip 2 impact privacy?

Video and audio is activated in the firmware of the Clip 2. This has the same privacy implications as a microphone or video in any action camera. It will not record sound without indicating that it does so.

We want everyone to be able to share their story as authentic as possible, without intruding on someone else’s privacy. That’s why we have designed the Clip to be discreet, but not invisible. Adding video and audio means new ways to tell authentic stories, but with the same unobtrusive and friendly form factor. People will also be aware that you are recording as the Clip will make a sound when it starts shooting video and the LED lights will pulsate when the camera is recording.

There are regions in the world where sound recording is not permitted in certain situations. As such, you always need to be aware of rules and regulations of recording devices wherever you are. 

Users can also change the functionality of the double-tap to take a photo instead of starting video and audio.

Check out some Clip 2 audio samples here or play the video below!


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