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Extra Mounts for the Clip 2

The first shipment of Clip 2 will include three mounts. Not all orders will include these mounts.

1. The Metal Clip Mount: the classic Narrative metallic clip that’s great for thin jackets, shirts, and sweaters.

2. The Crocodile Mount: a plastic clothes peg-like mount that allows you to wear the Clip with thicker materials, such as winter jackets, or hard physical objects, such as laptop screens.

3. The Lanyard Mount: a plastic mount made for lanyards and necklaces, custom designed to be worn with lighter clothes or to be hung on your coat rack.


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    Carlos Muralhas


    Will those who pre-order the Clip 2 on September 2015 also get the three mounts?

    Thanks and Kind Regards

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    Hey Carlos,

    All users will receive the three mounts, no matter their order date. :)


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    Azure Lunatic

    It would be good to have a picture of the third mount type in this article.

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    Hey Azure.

    I'll see what I can do. :)

    Have a great day.

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