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Tag a Friend

Tag your friends in your Narrative moments!

Even though your friend may not have a Narrative Clip, they can create a free account to view the Public Moments Timeline as well as be tagged in your moments.
When tagging friends, a push notification will notify them indicating they've just been tagged in your moment. Once a friend has been tagged, the entire moment will be viewable inside the Private Moments Timeline. 
Please note: tagging is only available to those with a Narrative Account. 
To tag a friend, open a moment, press "Select" in the upper right corner and select the photo you would like to tag someone in. Then press the "Tag" icon to start tagging your friends. Next, write the name of the person you would like to tag. A push notification will then be sent to the person that you have tagged in your moment. 
Check out this video tutorial for more information! 


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    Azure Lunatic

    I would really like to label my friends (or other objects) privately for my own information, without them having to have an account. I may not want to disturb them or share the Moment with them, but I would like to remember who they are when I look back months or years later.

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    Hey Azure,

    Thanks for getting in touch and for your feedback!

    This is a neat idea, and I see how it could benefit a lot of users too. Especially when you meet somebody whose name you don't remember!
    I've forwarded your feedback to your Teams and I'll mention it to them again in the future. :)

    I think your friends would love the Narrative Web App though, and they don't even need a Clip to register for an account!
    Have a great day!

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