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Sharing Narrative Moments in the Web App

How do I share Moments in the Web App?

It's now easier than ever to share your favorite Moments! Based on your feedback we've made some key changes to the ways you can share photos. The Web App can share to a variety of services including to the Narrative Explore Feed, Facebook, and Twitter.

Your Narrative Moment will only share to Narrative Explore if you have chosen - specifically - to share to it.

Note: Pop-ups may be blocked on your browser for the Web App. If this is the case, please accept pop-ups for the site.

To start sharing, choose your Moment and click on the "Share Icon" (circled in red).



Sharing to Narrative Explore

Once you have clicked on the Share Icon a pop-up will appear. From this window you can share to the Narrative Explore Feed by adding a caption and clicking on "Share to Explore." This Moment will be made public for anyone with a Narrative Account to view.



Sharing to Facebook

You can also share a link to your Narrative Moments via Facebook by clicking on the Facebook icon. This will add a status of your choice to your Facebook account, and you can do everything you usually can if you were to use the site directly!



Sharing to Twitter

Sharing your Narrative Moments on Twitter has never been easier! Click on the Twitter icon and you can share your Moments to your followers and the rest of the world!



Sharing a link to your Narrative Moment

If you'd prefer to use another social media service, or maybe send your Narrative Moments via email, you can click on the "Link" icon. Just copy and paste this link to your friends and family, and share your Narrative Moment with ease no matter the platform.



Your Shared Narrative Moment

Clicking on the link to your Narrative Moment will allow the user to browse your photos by swiping their mouse left or right. To pause on a single photo - just click!

If the viewer has a Narrative Account they can also like or comment on your photos!




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