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How to download photos and videos from the Web App

This FAQ explains how to download content within the Narrative Web App. For information on how to download content from the Narrative Smartphone App, please see this FAQ instead.

To download content from the Narrative Web App, find a moment that you find interesting and click on a photo in the timeline to enter the moment view.

Click in the right hand corner on the photo you would like to download, and select as many photos you would like by repeating this procedure.

You can easily deselect photos by clicking the circle again. When you are happy with your selection, simply click on the download icon to download the photos in a zip file. If you choose more than 10 photos, the download will take a little bit longer. You can also select the first photo + Shift + the last photo of the moment to download all photos in that specific moment.



How do I download a video?

You can also download your videos captured with the Clip 2 from the Web App. To do so, click on the video and you will see a bar beneath it. Click on the download icon to download the video to your device.



Check out this video tutorial to know more!




  • Avatar
    Ian Aberle

    Is there are easy way to download the entire "moment" without having to select each image?

  • Avatar

    Hi @Ian Aberle Currently, there is only a workaround. If you (1) click on the first photo inside the moment while holding the shift key down, then (2) scroll all the way down and (3) click on the last photo, all your photos will be chosen and you can then choose bulk download after. We will look into making it easier to bulk download the whole moment :) /Ange

  • Avatar
    Chuck Kahn

    Is there a way to download an entire day rather than moment by moment?

  • Avatar
    David Ellis

    Hi @Chuck!

    Not at present, but this is a nice idea and definitely something for the Dev Team to look into going forwards :).

    Please feel free to drop us an email at if we can be of any further assistance. Have a great day!
    // David

  • Avatar
    George Dick

    If only cloud storage is chosen, how is a "moment" determined? What are the criteria?

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