Narrative Care

Referral Guidelines for Sharing Karma

Sharing Karma should be both fun and rewarding. To give everyone equal chance of collecting great Karma - we have composed some guidelines for you.

Guidelines for earning Karma by sharing a link:

  1. A user registering with an invalid email address or already registered email will not earn you Karma
  2. Narrative is constantly checking that your referrals are real people and excluding Karma from non-existing users. This might result in your number of referrals dropping without notice
  3. Sometimes you might not get Karma from a newly registered user. This can be due to a number of factors such as the user registering from the same computer as you, from the same IP address or similar. (Please note that it may take up to an hour for your referral points to be updated.)
  4. Manipulation of the Karma system might render your collected Karma invalid for a future discount


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