Narrative Care

Am I entitled to more Karma Points if I bought Clip 1?

You're entitled to more Karma points if you're already a Narrative user! We believe in giving our own loyal users the best :)

This goes for every Narrative user - regardless if you've purchased it on our website, on Amazon, or on Bestbuy/Brookstone/Photojojo, etc. 

As long as you use the email address that is tied to your Narrative account, our system will be able to detect that you own a Narrative Clip. 

To check out how much of a discount you have head to By signing up with the same email as your Narrative Account, you will automatically be credited with more Karma points. You can also complete other challenges to earn more cash discounts!

We hope you will enjoy playing Narrative Karma! Tell us what you think about the Narrative Karma program on our Community Support Forum.


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