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Requirements for Narrative Clip 2

To benefit from Narrative Clip 2 you only need a smartphone! 

In order for the Narrative experience to be as fun as possible you need:

- iOS 8 or later

- Android 5.0 or later

Uploading your photos to the Narrative Cloud Service requires internet access. To upload through Wi-Fi you will also need to connect the Clip to a power source. You can plug the Clip into any outlet near a Wi-Fi zone. Connecting the Clip to a power source is required because 8GB of data cannot be moved through the air on such a small battery. 

The beauty of the Wi-Fi connectivity is that you do not have to have your PC near you. You can plug the Clip to any power source near a Wi-Fi zone. We think this is great for traveling!

You can however still use your PC to upload your photos as well. You can upload either to the Narrative Service or to your local storage. 

If you don't have a computer or an internet connection available to you, you can still use the Narrative Clip 2 until the storage is full, so long as you can charge the Clip 2. The Clip 2 can store around ~4000 photos or ~80 minutes of video. 

To learn more about Clip 2, you can check out our Narrative website to get insights on what's new, and to also earn Karma points that convert directly into cash discounts when you complete certain challenges. These Karma points can then be used when purchasing Clip 2 later on. You can also subscribe to our Narrative website to be notified when it becomes available. 

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