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Relive Moments Using Jump-to-Date

To relive moments from a while back, you can easily jump to these dates in both the Narrative Smartphone App and Narrative Web App. 

Always remember to use the latest app version to get the best possible user experience. 

For our iOS users:

Inside the Narrative Smartphone App for iOS, you will see a small arrow next to the date your moment was captured. Tap this arrow to see a calendar view of all the dates you've built moments throughout the month(s).

For our Android users:

To open the Jump-to-Date feature inside your Narrative App for Android, tap the calendar icon located in the lower right portion of your screen.

For a more detailed view on how to use the Jump-to-Date feature, check out this tutorial: 


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    anyway to edit different pieces together.

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    Hi Raymond,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    At this time, we do not have any editing features in place. However, this is a great suggestion and I'd love if you shared it with the Narrative Community on our suggestion board.

    To do so, please head to: where you can send us your ideas and help us build the best product/service possible!

    Please feel free to reach out again should you have any further questions.



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