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I want to lend or sell my Narrative Clip 1. How do I prepare for it?

You don’t need to do anything except to make sure that you have uploaded all of the pictures you have captured using your Narrative Clip.

The new user will be prompted to create an individual Narrative account when connecting the Clip to a computer. When the new user connects the Clip to his or her Narrative account the Clip will no longer be assigned to yours.

If the new user of the Clip will be using the same computer please make sure that you have logged out from your Narrative account.




Remember to remind the new user to activate the Narrative Clip before he/she starts to capture Narrative Moments. 

Always make sure to use the latest Narrative Uploader version. If there is an update available, you will be prompted the next time you start the Narrative Uploader and connect your Clip. If you want to double-check that you have the latest version, click “Diagnostics” and follow this link to compare the version number .


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  • Avatar
    Tony Vieira

    Is the narrative subscription linked to a user account or clip device ?
    For exemple: if I buy a used device and create a new account, will I have the remaining subscription time ?

  • Avatar
    Elisabet Stigård

    Hi Tony!

    Thanks for reaching out! Your Narrative Subscription is linked to your individual user account, if you buy a used device and create a Narrative Account you will get 3 free months of included cloud service! Have a great day, Elisabet

  • Avatar
    Tony Vieira

    Thanks for your help Elisabet !

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