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    Brad Childs

    Really bummed. Leds dont light up and tomorrow is Thanksgiving!!

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    Hi Brad,

    Thanks for getting in touch! Sorry to hear this has happened to you right before Thanksgiving. Hopefully I can help before the celebrations.

    It might be that you have to double-tap much harder on your Clip for the LEDs to illuminate. If you shake the Clip hard do they illuminate then?

    To test if the Clip is still taking photos, please wear the Clip for an hour or so before reconnecting it to your PC again. Do the LED lights also illuminate when they're connected to a PC? You can also view the battery level of the Clip via the Narrative Uploader.

    Otherwise I recommend discharging your Clip's battery. Here's an FAQ on how to do this that may help.

    If this doesn't work I recommend contacting us at, so we can investigate your case further.
    I hope that your Clip is back up and running as quick as possible.

    Thanks for your time, Brad. Have a great celebration!

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