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Viewing Moments in the Narrative App

You can view moments in two different ways.


This is what a photo will look like in the default Moment view:



This is what your photo will look like when your phone is rotated in landscape mode. When in the landscape view, you will still be able to swipe your moment back and forth. The loading bar at the top portion of the screen will indicate your progress throughout the moment. 




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    Gabriel Biller

    what is the easiest way to take a moment and all the images in it and make a video from it (for example, if i did a series of time-lapse photos)?

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    It would be nice if rotating to and from landscape view kept the position in the viewing sequence instead of going back to the start.

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    David Ellis

    Hi @Gabriel, within Uploader Settings you do have the option of importing a copy of your photos to Hard Drive - these photos will be in raw format as captured directly via the Clip.

    If you would like to manage photos that you are viewing within the App, you can 'Select' multiple photos within a Moment and then share, download or email photos en-masse from there.

    Please feel free to reach out with any other questions (

    Best // David, Narrative Support

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    David Ellis

    Hi @Dave - thanks for your feedback! I have passed your request onto our Development Team.

    We are working hard on constantly evolving the Narrative Experience; please feel free to drop us an email with any other suggestions (, or engage with our Community & Dev. Team via our dedicated Suggestions Board -

    All the best // David, Narrative Support

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    AhReum Lee

    Hello. Is there any way to see the whole captured picture with the viewer in narrative app?

    I think the photo viewer in the app which is working with swiping or dragging gesture is simple but really convenient.
    but i could not this interface design in PC version.

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    Hi @AhReum,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    Inside the Narrative Web App - - you can view your moments. However, you will not have the ability to swipe and drag inside the Web App in the same way you do inside the Smartphone App.

    I think it sounds like a great feature suggestion swipe and drag inside the Web App. Please feel free to share this with the rest of the Narrative Community via our Suggestion Board. That way, other users can vote on your suggestion, helping us prioritize the feature request. :)


    Narrative Support

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