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Requirements to use the Narrative Clip 1

For the Narrative Clip:

  • Computer (Mac OSX 10.7 or later; Windows Vista or later)
  • Narrative Uploader - downloaded from
  • Internet connection


If you have a computer but no internet connection, you can still use the Narrative Clip but the photos will not show up in the Narrative App. You always need internet to activate the Narrative Clip for the first time, and associate it to your individual Narrative account.

If you have no computer AND no internet connection you can still use the Narrative Clip until the internal memory for ~4000 photos is full, as long as you can charge the Clip by using a regular USB-to-wall charger.

For the Narrative Service:

  • Smartphone (iPhone/Android) 
  • Narrative app for iPhone version iOS 6.0 or later 
  • Narrative app for Android version 4.0 or later
  • The Narrative Web App works on your computer
  • Internet connection



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    Daniel Keel

    What's about Windows Phone 8.1 App ?

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