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How does Clip 1's battery work? How long does the battery last?

This FAQ concerns the battery life of the Narrative Clip 1. For information on how to save battery on the Clip 2, please go to this FAQ. 


The Narrative Clip is extremely power-efficient, taking into account its small size and its function of always taking photos automatically. We're continuously optimizing the hardware components and firmware to make it run longer on a single charge. Here are answers to the most common questions regarding the battery life:

How long can I use the Narrative Clip before I need to recharge it?

The battery life of one charge of the Narrative Clip is around 30 hours, enough for two days of use before you need to recharge it. This is for the default setting of one photo every 30 seconds. 

Charging the Narrative Clip

There are two ways to recharge the camera’s batteries. Firstly you can charge the Clip by connecting it to a USB port on your computer for 1 – 2 hours. At the same time the photos will be automatically uploaded and synced to the Narrative Cloud (if you have the Narrative Uploader software installed).

Secondly if you do not have an available computer nearby, you can charge up the Clip using a USB plug.

What is the battery level of my Narrative Clip?

Just double-tap the Narrative Clip to get a battery level indication via the four LED lights on its side. If all four lights are lit up, this indicates full battery level. Two lights mean 50% of the battery is remaining. It is advisable to recharge every two days or when only one light is shown. 


Understanding the LED lights

If you see two alternate LED lights blinking, your camera needs some attention. Please connect it to your computer for more information. If you see four rapid blinking lights upon double-tapping your Clip, this is an indication that your storage is almost full. Please connect your Clip to offload your photos.



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