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Getting Started With Narrative Clip 1

This FAQ is for getting started with the Narrative Clip 1. For information on getting started with the Narrative Clip 2, please click here

When you buy the Narrative Clip you will find instructions for getting started in the box. You can also find them by clicking here.

Activation Steps

Step one is to activate your Clip. This should be done in the Narrative Uploader, which needs to be downloaded to your computer. For more information on how to get started please take a look at the video below.


 Important Information for Activation

Please note that you need an Internet connection during the activation process in order for the Clip to be recognized by the Narrative Uploader.

Please also ensure that your Network is not blocked by any proxies or firewalls. 

The video below shows how you install the Uploader if you are using a Windows computer.





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