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When is The Narrative Clip 1 on / off ?

While there's no on/off button on the Narrative Clip there IS a "sleep" function. This is how it works:

  • When the camera is placed face down or in total darkness it stops taking photos. For example, putting the camera in your pocket or bag will activate sleep mode. 


When putting the Clip upside down on a flat surface it’s in “hard sleep” – turned off. 

BUT if you “only” put it in your pocket, bags etc (only darkness, not necessarily in a flat/prone position), it instead switches to low frequency called “soft sleep”, waking up and taking a photo/sensing the light with longer and longer intervals until it senses light again. (These dark photos will be automatically removed during momentification in the Narrative Cloud.)

  • The Clip wakes up automatically when you pick it up again; i.e. when the camera sensor is exposed to light.


  • To be on the safe side you can double-tap or shake it to make it wake up instantaneously. The LEDs will light up and the Clip will start taking photos every 30 seconds.


Please be mindful when wearing the Narrative Clip - it IS an automatic camera! Not every place is appropriate for taking photos.



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    what if i want to turn the clip into hard sleep mode while i am on the go.

    will putting it in the case or covering the lens with a piece of opaque tape be enough to make it turn into hard sleep?

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