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How does the Narrative Uploader work?

After installing the Narrative Uploader to your computer, it will open automatically whenever you connect the Narrative Clip via USB. The Clip automatically empties itself, and the Uploader transfers the photos to the Narrative Service and/or to your local hard drive. 

If you are not able to view a moment a few minutes after Step 3 is over, it could be a case of delayed momentification. In this case, please wait for a few hours.

If the Smartphone App is showing Moments but the Web App isn't (and vice versa) please clear the cache of the device not showing Moments.

In the event that your photos are still not appearing after 48 hours on either device head to our Service Status Page to see if there are any issues with our servers. Your photos are safe, but they might take longer to appear if all systems aren't operational. 

If you are still unable to view your moments please contact

So what does a successful upload process look like? Check out this video for more information:

Full upload process from Narrative on Vimeo.




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