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My photos are missing / not appearing

Has it been several hours since you uploaded your pictures, yet no Moments have appeared on your Smartphone App? Or do you get the message " ‘0 moments built’ in your Uploader”?

Do not worry. If you know you've uploaded successfully and no moments come through, it is most likely an issue with us having a high server load resulting in a delay in momentification. It should appear within several hours up to a day. This should not happen often. 

In the event that we have a high server load, we will update our Status Page here

Or log-in to your Narrative Smartphone App, tap the profile icon in the top left, then the Gear icon in the top right, followed by "Service Status".

Verify that you are using the latest app version by checking the App Store or Google Play for updates. Secondly, please try to log-out and in of the Smartphone App. If you are using an iPhone please clear its cache.

If that doesn't work please drop us a line at 

If no moments are still not coming through after a day, please contact us at with the following information: 

1. When did the problem occur?

2. What Operating System do you use?

3. What type of phone are you using?

4. What is your App version? 

5. Screenshots / indication that you have uploaded successfully.




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    yeah getting this error now. 0 moments built. is the server experiencing any kind of problems right now? kinda frustrating.

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    Elisabet Stigård

    Hi there!

    Thanks for reaching out!

    We have no known service disruption with the photo processing, please try to log-out and in to the Narrative Uploader. If the problem still remains please send us your Narrative Uploader's diagnostics (click settings and then copy diagnostics) to

    Thanks again for reporting and helping us improving the Narrative Experience!

    Kindly, Elisabet

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    Ramchan Woo

    I'm experiencing the same problem.
    There are tons of pics taken and uploaded to the server, however, ZERO moment is built or only SOME moments are shown.

    Am I one of few people who is suffering this problem?

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    Joy Osaka-Lu

    I'm experiencing the same problem as Ramchan. A lot uploaded but no moments appear in app.

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    Yu Koseki

    I know there was (or is) a server issue recently. Why didn't you announce anything on Twitter, Facebook or here? Also, why did you remove a server status dashboard from app? It is very frustrating to see a lack of transparency and trustworthiness.

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    Joy Osaka-Lu

    Hi, again,
    I have followed the instructions of logging out/logging in, clearing the cache, and repeating again but my new photos do not appear. I have also sent a separate email but posting might help other customers as well.
    Please advise. Thank you.

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    Spencer Flagg

    I'm having the same problem. I connected the narrative a few days ago and it downloaded dozens of photos, uploaded dozens of photos, and built 0 moments.

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    Naoki Shiota

    I got Narrative Clip 2 days ago and had the same problem.
    Suppose anything wrong has happened since Ramchan's comment?

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    @Ramchan Woo @Joy Osaka-Lu @Yu Koseki @Spencer Flagg @Naoki Shiota

    During the weekend, we had to upgrade the performance of our servers at short notice. This unfortunately resulted in a delayed photo processing for some of you. We are really sorry about this.

    Please be assured that your pictures are secure. None of your photos have been deleted or damaged.

    Our servers are working hard to process the photos uploaded over the weekend, and your photos will be visible as soon as yours have been processed. This should not take more than 2 days.

    If you still are experiencing problems after a day or two, please try to log-out of the app to refresh it. If you are using an iPhone, please clear your cache and the moments should be visible.

    We will keep updating and improving Narrative to enhance the user experience. We will also try to mitigate the risk of this negatively impacting the performance of the Narrative uploader and smartphone app.

    Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have further questions to

    Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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    Joy Osaka-Lu

    Thanks, Agelyn - after 2 days, my photos appear in my timeline. Thank you for upgrading the server to handle the demand.

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    Let's all play it's not us or our server, so the user must be wrong, after all WE invented this so it can not be us.

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    @Joy Osaka-Lu . I am glad it is fixed for you. Thanks for being patient :) This is the basic feature we are offering to our users, and upgrading the servers is a no brainer. Please always feel free to reach out to us at if you have any further queries. Have a good day.

    @geowin Thanks for reaching out. We are working hard to fix it and am not blaming our users at all (and we will never blame our users) for this uploader error. We fully take the responsibility, and we are sorry if you felt that way. We hope this is fixed for you now. Please always feel free to reach out to us if you have further queries. Have a good day!

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    foobar sama

    I have the same issues as the users above. Been uploading photos since 2 days ago - nothing shows up on the webapp and 0 moments generated. I will wait a couple more days but if nothing shows up, I think I will just stop using the app and rely on my own code for processing the HDD-stored photos. Sigh....

    Aside: Is the following web portal legit? Looks like a webapp but may also be a phishing attempt

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    Hi @foobar sama ! We had issues with momentification the past week. For more information, please check out our status page. . It is working now. Please try to log out and in of you app, and try to clear your cache if you are still not able to view your pictures.

    The web portal is created by one of our early adopters and not officially sanctioned by us. Therefore, we do not recommended you to use it, since we are not 100% sure it is secure.

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    Chen Yan-lin

    My narrative clip has been out of function for 4 days...plz help!!

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    Hi @Chen Yan-lin, can you contact the team via so we can help you further! All the best, Dermot

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