Narrative Care

Ownership of Pictures

Who owns my photos? Who owns my data? Will Narrative use my photos or data, or share them to third parties?

You have full ownership of all your pictures. We store them securely encrypted in the Narrative cloud and they will never be viewed by anyone without your explicit consent (note that the Narrative App has simple sharing options for the photos/moments you DO want to share and/or make public). 
You (and nobody else) will always be able to download the photos to your own hard drive if you no longer want to keep them with Narrative. If you want your account closed, we will delete all of its contents - not keeping anything for later retrieval or use. You will be able to download all your photos first, individually or in bulk.
We will also not sell or give away any user information/metadata to any third party without your explicit consent. This is the main reason we are charging a fee for the storage service - the trust and satisfaction from you as our customers are our first and foremost priority.


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