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My Narrative Smartphone App hangs/crashes - what can I do?

Follow these 3 steps to see if you can improve your App's performance:

1. Check for updates on App Store or Google Play, and make sure you have the latest version installed.

2. Try logging out and in of your Narrative App. Alternatively try clearing the cache in your App if you are an iPhone user. (Go into "Settings" on your App and press "Clear Cache.")

3. Reopen the App and give it a few minutes to load.

If this does not help please put in a trouble-shooting request via For us to provide you with a high-quality answer please give us the following information:

1. Which App version are you using? You can find this by going to the App's Settings.

2. What type of phone are you using? iPhone or Android?

3. What type of Operating System does your phone have? Eg. IOS 7?

4. It is often helpful if you can send us a screenshot of what it looks like when it stops working

5. What was the time when you encountered the problem?




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