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Do I need to update the firmware for my Narrative Clip 1? / Latest Firmware Version

Latest Firmware Version

The latest firmware for the first Narrative Clip 1 is V0.23.1. 

The following features are currently available with Mac and Windows Uploaders.

- Ability to adjust photo intervals

- Ability to disable double-tap to capture a photo

On the Windows Uploader, there are two more features available: 

- You can now be logged into multiple accounts at the same time.

- You can now use multiple Clips with your account.

 How do I update my firmware?


When we release new firmware for your Narrative Clip, you will be automatically notified in the Uploader software and/or the Narrative App. Make sure that your Narrative Clip has at least 60% of its battery charged, connect it to your computer, and follow the instructions to update the firmware.

We're continuously developing the inner workings of the Narrative Clip, and every firmware update notification will explain what's new in the new firmware (bug fixes, new features, etc).

How do I check what version I have? 

Open the Uploader. Click on Diagnostics in the left hand corner. Scroll down and there you will see what version you are currently using. 



What happens if I don't update my firmware?

Updating your firmware can improve numerous features, such as improving battery life and storage capacity. If you do not update your firmware, you will not receive these benefits. 

New features of the Narrative Uploader may also be inaccessible if your Clip doesn't have the latest firmware version. You will be prompted by your Narrative Uploader if you do not have the latest firmware.


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    Amod Dange

    Every time I connect the clip, I get a message saying "there is new firmware available. When I choose "update when I disconnect" (other choice being "do not update"), nothing happens. I see this message again. This is not a good user experience. You need to do something about it (ask me and I will suggest a better flow).

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    Andrew Jacobs

    Agreed. Same message about updating Firmware, will not update. 64bit windows version

  • Avatar
    Andrew Jacobs

    it is suggesting updating to 7.2 but it already has 8.1. probably a non-issue.

  • Avatar

    Hi @Amod Dange @Andrew Jacobs Hi guys, I hope it has been solved. After you click on yes to update the firmware, you need to leave the Clip connected for a bit. As soon as the Clip is ready to be disconnected, you will be notified with a pop up message.

    The Firmware update only starts after the Clip is disconnected from the Clip. The battery level must be above 50%. You should not face this issue after this. If you are still facing this issue, please email us at with your account details and we will follow up with you. Thanks for hanging in there!

  • Avatar

    May I suggest, in the kindest way possible, you get someone who can write your sentences with a little more clarity. I know you are speaking to many whom English is not their first language, but when you write in English, your sentences should be understandable. For instance, "... update only starts after the Clip is disconnected from the Clip" doesn't make any sense. I am enjoying using the Narrative but CRINGE every time I have to get any kind of support. You should not be happy about this.

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    Elisabet Stigård

    Hi lmhayes! Thanks for your comment! It should say; the Firmware update starts after the Clip is disconnected from the laptop (!) sorry for causing confusion and thanks for your patience! Have a great day, Elisabet

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    Bernard Cooper

    Is there a change log somewhere? Couldn't find anything on the support page or via search. Haven't used my clip in a loooooooong time due to the woefully lacking local storage support.

  • Avatar

    Hi Bernard,

    Many thanks for reaching out!

    Every app update has a small changelog since the last release, but at this time, no combined list is available. I've passed this idea onto our Development team as I could see it being very useful in the future.

    Please feel free to send us your suggestions via our Suggestion Board >> << if you'd like to share any additional thoughts or ideas on how we can improve the Narrative Experience.



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